$11,000,000 judgment

Sep 11, 2023 Significant Cases
Attorney Richard Silvestri achieved a court judgment in excess of $11 million dollars for his client who sustained a moderate TBI in a motor vehicle collision. $1 million dollars of the judgment was for punitive damages. The collision occurred in rural Stanislas county.  

$14,550,000 judgment

Sep 07, 2023 Significant Cases
Partner Ed Brooks and attorney Alexandra Darling successfully obtained a $14,550,000 judgment for their client against the defendant Michael Lyon.

$47,000,000 settlement

Feb 07, 2023 Significant Cases
Ognian Gavrilov reached a $47M settlement on behalf of a severely injured client. Mr. Gavrilov was retained close to trial and he was able to lead one of the firm’s trial teams to one of the largest such recorded settlements in the history of California.