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$14,550,000 judgment

September, 2023

Partner Ed Brooks and attorney Alexandra Darling successfully obtained a $14,550,000 judgment for their client against the defendant Michael Lyon.

Eliezer Cohen and Matt Richard dismiss an appeal

August, 2023

Eliezer Cohen and Matt Richard successfully brought a motion to dismiss an appeal brought on the disentitlement doctrine.  Opposing side was appealing our client’s  $1,000,000+ judgment.

$47,000,000 settlement

February, 2023

Ognian Gavrilov reached a $47M settlement on behalf of a severely injured client. Mr. Gavrilov was retained close to trial and he was able to lead one of the firm's trial teams to one of the largest such recorded settlements in the history of California.  

Ed Brooks, Bryan Nettels and Ognian Garvilov obtained a $21.4M verdict

January, 2023

Ed Brooks & Bryan Nettels obtained a $21.4M verdict in Sacramento County. Defendant, Michael Lyon, filmed three women without permission.

Read Sacramento Business Journal Article Here

A Dynamic Duo - The two founders of Gavrilov & Brooks employ their different styles to connect with juries.

June 6, 2022

$1.25 Million Settlement

April, 2022

Attorney Michael Coleman obtains favorable verdict after jury deliberates for only 20 minutes.

March, 2022

Gavrilov & Brooks attorney Michael Coleman obtained an unanimous jury verdict for breach of contract in the matter of 4051 Ardmore, LLC v. Pacific Earth Connections et al., Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. 20STCV39807.  Following counsel’s closing arguments, the jury only deliberated for 20 minutes before returning a favorable verdict and awarding compensatory damages exceeding those plaintiff requested at trial. Gavrilov & Brooks subsequently defeated the defendants’ post-trial motions for a new trial and for judgment notwithstanding the verdict. 

1 Million dollar bench trial verdict

February, 2022

Attorney Ognian Gavrilov obtained a $1 million bench trial verdict in a partnership dispute and breach of fiduciary duty case in Sacramento County.  The case involved numerous claims and cross-claims, and the opposing party’s cross-claims were dismissed prior to trial.  The opposing party’s high offer before judgment was $400,000. 

Attorney Maryanne Martin wins a SLAPP motion

December, 2021

Ms. Martin has successfully defended strategic lawsuits against public participation, or "SLAPP" suits filed against clients because they exercised their rights under the First Amendment. Protecting the Constitution, including the rights to petition the government and speak freely, is central to the firm's core values. Through the use of anti-SLAPP motions, Ms. Martin has fended off entire lawsuits and recovered attorney's fees on behalf of clients who were wrongfully sued for speaking out. She has a proven track record of protecting online consumer speech in superior and appellate courts. 

Attorney Bradley Jewett successfully defends a class action suit.

November 11, 2021

Gavrilov & Brooks attorney Bradley Jewett obtained a dismissal of all defendants in the class action lawsuit Surratt, et al., v. Cirrus Asset Management, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. 21STCV23809, based only on his meet and confer negotiations with the plaintiffs’ counsel.  Mr. Jewett achieved this unusual result without filing a single motion in the action. 

Attorneys Bradley Jewett and Michael Coleman achieved a trial victory for their client.

October, 2021

After a 6-day bench trial in Gregory Smith v. Jean Claude Guillosson, et al., LASC Case No. 19STCV33506, Gavrilov & Brooks attorneys Bradley Jewett and Michael Coleman recently achieved a complete victory on behalf of their client, Gregory Smith.  The final judgment includes a six-figure compensatory damages award, and injunctive relief requiring the defendants to remove multiple illegal encroachments they built across a shared property line.  The Court also granted judgment in favor of Mr. Smith on all cross-claims the defendants asserted against him.  The results of trial were memorialized by a 30-page Statement of Decision, and Mr. Smith is now pursuing his prevailing party attorneys’ fees.

$39 Million jury trial verdict

September 1, 2021

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and John Garner obtained a $39 million jury trial verdict on a defamation per se case in Glenn County - $31 million against Edward Jones and $8M against an individual defendant. Mr. Gavrilov was retained as lead trial counsel two month prior to trial. At the time of Mr. Gavrilov’s retention defendant’s high offer was $150K. 


Read Business Journal Article Here

Bradley Jewett's successful appeal reversal 

May 6, 2021

On December 21, 2017, Gavrilov & Brooks attorney Bradley Jewett prevailed at trial by defensing all claims against his client, Roger Van Wert, in Rick L. Hamilton, et al. v. Aline Marie Iden, et al., Madera County Superior Court Case No. MCV073141.  The Trial Court later denied Mr. Van Wert’s motion for prevailing party attorneys’ fees.  Mr. Jewett appealed the trial court’s order denying attorneys’ fees in Roger Van Wert, et al., v. Rick L. Hamilton, et al., California Fifth Appellate District Case No. F078345.  On May 6, 2021, the Court of Appeal reversed and remanded the matter, instructing the Trial Court to calculate the attorneys’ fees Mr. Van Wert was entitled to recover.  The favorable results at trial and on appeal led to a six-figure settlement and payment to Mr. Van Wert. 

Ognian Gavrilov - Advocate of the Year 

Decemeber, 2020

Mr. Gavrilov is the 2020 Advocate of the Year by CCTLA (Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association).  Congratulations Mr. Gavrilov!

1 Million dollar judgement

November, 2020

Mr. Gavrilov obtained a $1,000,000 judgement on a microdiscectomy case.

Bradley Jewett - Partner

October, 2020

We are excited to announce our new Partner, Bradley Jewett.  Bradley brings nearly two decades of complex civil litigation in the areas of general commercial litigation, real estate law, healthcare law and more. Welcome!

$900,000 Settlement

September, 2020

Settlement of $900,000 (remaining policy limits) on a single-level fusion MVA case. 

$950,000 Settlement 

August, 2020

PI/work comp crossover matter with a single level surgery performed through worker's comp.

$1,360,000 Settlement 

June, 2020

Settlement of $1,360,000 with only $30,000 in special damages on a rear-end MVA case, caught on video, with 11 mph vehicle speed. Surgical recommendation, but no surgery performed.

Bench Trial in Placer County

June, 2020

Elder financial abuse/Probate matter, resulting in settlement during trial for the pre-trial demanded amount.

$1,000,000 Settlement

March, 2020

Settlement of $1,000,000 on a 5 mph collision involving elderly lady leading to single level fusion. 

Arbitration Victory Against State Farm

February, 2020

Arbitration victory against State Farm with an award 10 times better than Defense’s best offer.

Arbitration Victory Against Allstate

January, 2020

$139,000 award on a $100,000 Underinsured Motorist Policy, against a top offer of less than $20,000.

Published Appellate Decision

September, 2019

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Eliezer Cohen successfully defended and dismissed a case at the start of trial on a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings.  The Plaintiff appealed the dismissal, and attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Eliezer Cohen attended and presented argument to the Appellate Court.  The Appellate Court upheld the dismissal in a published decision regarding the litigation privilege on September 3, 2019. 

Double Defense's Best Offer

July, 2019

Attorney Ognian Gavrilov was 2nd chair along side attorney Kirill Tarasenko in a Sacramento County Jury trial. Jury rendered a $476,000 verdict to the personal injury client which almost doubled the defense's best offer. 

Successful Back to Back Arbitrations

February, 2019

 Attorney Ognian Gavrilov won back to back arbitrations. He achieved a $122,000 award on a $15,000 offer and a $85,000 award on $0 offer. 

Successful Wage Jury Trial

December, 2018

Attorney Ognian Gavrilov achieved a successful result in a 2 week gender discrimination / wage and hour jury trial in Sacramento County. Plaintiff’s verdict was $2,500 despite requesting over $1million. 

Successful Corporate Governance Trial

September 5, 2018

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov, Vince McLaughlin and Michael Coleman achieved a successful result for a publicly traded company following a federal court trial.  The actions of shareholders and directors in terminating the CEO were vindicated and a permanent injunction issued against the former CEO.    

Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

by Ognian Gavrilov

July 25, 2018

Mr. Gavrilov settled an insurance bad faith claim against State Farm. The case was venued in the Eastern District of California and stemmed from an allegation  that State Farm delayed paying a $100,000 underinsured motorist bodily injury policy in an attempt to settle the case for a lesser amount.

$1.7 Million jury trial verdict

July 2, 2018

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Daniel Del Rio obtained a $1.7M jury trial verdict in Sacramento County. Mr. Gavrilov was retained as trial counsel a month prior to trial. At the time of Mr. Gavrilov’s retention defendant’s high offer was $650K. 

Multi-million dollar settlement

May 1, 2018

Attorney Ognian Gavrilov settled a multi-million dollar plaintiff's case.  

Attorney Michael Coleman, successful disposition

April 27, 2018

Attorney Michael Coleman successfully disposed of a lawsuit by way of an anti-SLAPP motion where the Plaintiff sought more than $500,000.00 for, among other things, business disparagement and fraudulent misrepresentation.

Trade Secrets Defense

April 20, 2018

Attorney Vince McLaughlin defeated an ex parte application for preliminary injunction seeking to enforce disputed trade secrets and enjoin legitimate business activities.  The successful result ensures the continuing operations of an emerging business.    

Attorney Michael Coleman, successful defense

March 28, 2018

Attorney Michael Coleman successfully defended a lawsuit on behalf of several corporate lenders in which the lenders were accused of unfair business practices and engaging in a predatory lending scheme.  

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Eliezer Cohen win jury trial

February 1, 2018

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Eliezer Cohen won a jury trial in Contra Costa County where they more than doubled Defendants' best offer. 

Corporate Takeover Defense

February 26, 2018

Representing an entrepreneur in a corporate governance dispute, Attorneys Vince McLaughlin and Aaron McKinney defeated an ex parte application for preliminary injunction seeking to freeze bank accounts and restrict transactions, thereby preventing a business closure and loss of jobs.  

Affirmation of Intellectual Property Rights

December 28, 2017

Representing a Sacramento technology company with a national presence, Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Vince McLaughlin secured a preliminary injunction against an internet squatter infringing upon intellectual property and stealing customers.  The litigation resolved on the same day the injunction issued with the termination of the competing business.  

Successful trial

September 5, 2017

Attorney Michael Coleman successfully defended at trial a home owner's insurance claim for negligence and battery in which the Plaintiff sought more than $10,000,000.00 in damages.

Successful seven-figure dispute

September 1, 2017

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Vince McLaughlin were successful at resolving a seven-figure corporate governance dispute. 

Attorney Michael Coleman- successful disposition

July 17, 2017

Attorney Michael Coleman successfully disposed of a commercial real estate dispute by way of summary judgment where the Plaintiff claimed more than $1,500,000.00 in compensatory and punitive damages.  The Plaintiff asserted causes of action for, among other things, breach of contract and fraud.

New ownership at 58 Degrees & Holding Co.

July 1, 2017

Ognian Gavrilov, Managing Partner, J. Edward Brooks, Partner and Hayk Galachyan, Vice President of Operations have taken ownership of the bistro and wine bar located in midtown Sacramento. Congratulations you guys for this great new adventure! Read full article here featured in Sacramento Business Journal.

Restraining order against former CEO

June 1, 2017

Attorneys Ognian Gavrilov and Vince McLaughlin were successful at receiving a temporary restraining order against a former CEO of a publicly traded company in a corporate governance dispute.

Successful commercial real estate dispute

March 22, 2017

Attorney Michael Coleman successfully defended at trial a commercial real estate dispute where the Plaintiff claimed more than $300,000.00 in compensatory damages, and more than $1,000,000.00 in punitive damages.

Justice Abroad - Ognian Gavrilov, Managing Partner

November 27, 2016

Our managing partner, Ognian Gavrilov, won the annual Justice Abroad award by the Sofia Lawyers Association in Bulgaria.

Best of the Bar - Ognian Gavrilov, Managing Partner

July 15, 2016

Congratulations to our managing partner Ognian Garvrilov for receiving the Best of the Bar 2016. 

2015 Highlights of our managing partner, Ognian Gavrilov

July 1, 2015

  • Obtained a judgment in an eight figure mining dispute (Plumas County Court)

  • A $577,000 jury trial award in a personal injury case (Orange County Court)

  • Selected to Sacramento Business Journal’s Best of the Bar list for 2015

  • Selected to the 2015 Top Lawyers list for Sacramento Magazine

  • Facilitated a resolution through the California State Senate

  • One of five finalists for Advocate of the Year by the Capital City Trial Lawyers Association (CCTLA)

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